The Most Beautiful Places in Iran

The Most Beautiful Places in Iran

Have you ever visited Iran? Are you thinking about the places to travel and your plan for this? Are Iran is your destination?

Iran has too many places to see and it may take you months to plan for your trip around Iran.

Here, we are going to help you with some information about the most important places to visit in Iran.

1- Kashan:

Kashan is a tourist spot city; the traditional houses of the wealthy merchants are now turned to public museums.

You can see there the stained windows that look so elegant, the wall paintings are so delightful; in addition to this, you can clearly see the stunning décor and long corridors. You can have a stunning view from the marvelous rooftops.

2- Dome of Hamadan Mosque:

Hamadan is the capital of Iran city, and it is considered one of the oldest cities in the world. You can visit it and see the Dome of Hamadan mosque, which is one of the most beautiful domes with its colorful ornamentation.

3- Tabriz Bazaar:

One of the oldest bazaars in the Middle East is Tabriz bazaar and it is considered as the largest bazaar covering a complex in the world. It considered as an important place for cultural exchange and as a historical center. In addition, in the past it has been also of a place of political significance.

4- Mount Damavand:

It is the highest mountain in the Middle East. It is located at more than 65 kilometers northeast of Tehran and is at a height of about 5610 meters. Actually, for any mountaineers, Damavand is a worthy challenge to accomplish.

5- US Den of Espionage:

US Den of Espionage is the former US embassy, and it is considered as one the main interesting spots in Tehran.

The walls of the embassy contain paintings all around. These paintings portraits both of the US and Israel as big evils; moreover, the Statue of Liberty is drawn with a face of a skull.

6- Esfahan bridges:

These bridges represent a 300 meter of work art architecture. They are considered a meeting spot among the locals.

You can observe that these bridges are like small cities, where for hours you will see multiple passages on them.

7- Latun Waterfall:

At Gilan province, at the northern part of Astara, you can see the highest waterfall in Iran.

The Latun falls from a height of 105 meters; this the perfect place to enjoy your lunch where you have fresh air and water surroundings, which would help you to relax.

8- Esfahan city center:

The Imam square has a wonderful beauty that cannot be described by words; you have to see it by your eyes. The Imam square includes a number of mosques and palaces. Around the square, you can find one of the oldest Bazaars that dated to the 17th century; you can make your shopping there and you can get traditional things from there.

Moreover, you can take a rest and have a meal at the Bastani Traditional Restaurant or you can have Kalyan at Azadegan teahouse.