The Best 11 Tips When Travelling To Mexico.

Here Are The Best 11 Tips When Travelling To Mexico.









Here Are The Best 11 Tips When Travelling To Mexico.Here Are The Best 11 Tips When Travelling To Mexico.

While the chances are that any journey to a Mexican resort or hotel will be a secure experience, Walter McKay, the security consultant gives several tips to keep in mind when traveling:

  1. Your money or cash should be withdrawn from exchange offices or ATMs throughout daylight hours and inside stores and malls. Do not withdraw money while you are on the street. You should use the machines in Mexico that are affiliated with their national banks like bank of Mexico, Banorte, Banamex, Bank of Nova Scotia, Santander, etc).
  2. Stop using ATM drive-throughs; you must choose carefully well-lit machines that simply face main roads.
  3. The easy action of hailing a taxi can be a safety risk. Travelers should avoid hailing taxis on the street and preferably have the hotel or restaurant or wherever place they are at arrange a pickup for them. In few places, either criminals pretend or work with taxis to make travelers withdraw cash from their ATM. this is known as “express kidnappings.
  4. Do not discuss your room number, voyage arrangements, or any other private information within earshot of outsiders. Additionally, request from the front desk not to state your room number but preferably point to it or write it down.
  5. Check to see who visits the variety shop close to your resort. Some shops cater to the hotel’s customers; however, if it is a hangout for others avoid using it at all.
  6. Girls may also think to request a room, which does not have a connecting door.
  7. The front desk must not give out your room number or name if someone inquires unless the front desk makes sure the person are related to you, but it is better not. The best option here is that they should call up if somebody requires reaching you.
  8. Preferably, you should register by giving them only your last name and first the initial of your name. Ladies & women should think of booking their room under a Mr. or a Mrs.
  9. Use the chain on the door of your room and twist it if you find too much of a gap when the door is opened. Additionally, make sure the peephole is cleared.
  10. Check the hotel’s, where you chose to stay in, safe and punch in the code 4 zero’s (0000) to make sure it will not open. Some safes have been known to open under 0000 combinations, as it is the most common combination used.
  11. Do not accept any kind of drinks from people you do not know and strangers especially if you are female since they may have added some type of drugs in that drink or oppositely tampered with.


These are the most important 11 tips when you decide to go to Mexico for a trip or a vacation. If you are a woman you have to take extra precautions to all these points when staying anywhere in Mexico to avoid any losses, robbery and bad experience of any kind from happening to you.