Strangest foods you won’t believe people actually eat

Top  Strangest Foods From Around The World – Strangest foods you won’t believe people actually eat



If you’re travelling around the world you may like to eat some strange food. If you have strong stomach,you could try these foods. Bon Appetit!

chicken’s feet:

You can eat chicken’s feet at East Asia, Caribbean, South America and South Africa. It’s made of skin and bones making it gelatinous .They are tasty, but you may dislike the bones.

Century Egg / 100 Year Old Egg / 1000 Year Old Egg:

You can eat these eggs at China .It’s neither a century nor a millennium old, but these eggs are pretty rotten. It’s preserved in a mixture of clay, ash and quicklime for a few months.The colour of yolk turns into dark green or even black and slimy and the white turns into dark brown jelly. It tastes like a hardboiled egg and its smell like ammonia.

Fried Spider:

Fried spider is popular in Skun, Cambodia, they prepare this dish by marinating it in Msc, salt and sugar then frying it in garlic.This dish served as a deep-fried snack throughout the country. It tastes like soft-shell crab.


One of the most strangest foods is Beondegi. Simply it’s silkworms boiled or steamed and seasoned. This dish is popular all over Korea and served as a snack. Beondegi usually sold from street vendors. It tastes like wood.


Simply it’s dog meat soup. This dish considered as health-giving Korean soup. They prepare it by spring onions, dandelions, spices and dog meat. It’s popular with older generation and its taste is better than its smell.

Kopi Luwak:

Simply it’s poop coffee, also called Civet Coffee. This coffee is very expensive coffee that might run you upwards of $150 a pound. This coffee is very expensive because it is made from coffee berry beans. Civets (small mammals found in Southwest Asia) eat the berry beans then process the beans and poop them out, this poop collected and processed into coffee.

Tuna Eyeball:

In Japan you can buy tuna eyeball from the grocery store. The eyeball comes surrounded by fish fat and severed muscles. Tuna eyes are relatively cheap. To cook, you should boil them with some salt and pepper before eating. They taste like squid.


It is sheep’s heart, liver and lungs chopped up and minced with onion, salt, suet, oatmeal and other ingredients mixed with stock and encased in a sheep’s stomach and cooked in boiling water for 3 hours. This dish is popular in Scotland. The taste is good, it is like beefy.

Yan Wo:

This is a soup made of bird’s nest- it is popular in China, Malasya, and India. They love this delicacy because of the hardened saliva of the male swiftlet, which they steam and make a gelatinous texture out of it. This soup has many benefits such as; strengthen lungs, maintain our health and restore youthfulness.


Balut is a duck embryo that is boiled alive before it hatches from the egg and you’re supposed to eat the entire thing- the embryo bones are soft enough to chew and swallow as a whole. It’s a breakfast dish and it is popular in Vietnam and Cambodia.

The question is, are you willing to try these strange foods around the world?