6 Awesome Places to visit in Maldives

 6 Awesome Places to visit in Maldives


Maldives- known also as the Maldives Islands- is an island that is located in the Indian Ocean and it has 26 atolls.

If you are seeking deep blue seas, magnificent reefs, sandy beaches, and a variety of vegetation, then the Maldives is your destination.

Maldives is really a fantastic spot for diving, snorkeling, and many water sports.

If you choose to travel to Maldives, then keep in your mind the following listed places to visit:

1- The National Museum:

The national museum is located at Male and it is one of the important spots to visit in your destination to Maldives.

The building of the museum reflects the history of the country; moreover, it shows different kinds of historical artifacts.

If you are willing to know more about the artifacts of the Maldives and the story behind each, then your destination is the national museum.

2- Alimatha Island:

Alimatha Island is located at the eastern side of the Maldives at the Vaavu Atoll.

The Island has a great vegetation, which is surrounded by stunning sites as well as beaches.

This Island is a good destination for tourists seeking water sports, as the island offers diving, snorkeling, in addition to, complete great facilities at the central beach.

3- Banana Reef:

The name of this reef comes from its shape, as it takes the shape of banana that extends for 300 meters from north to south.

Banana Reef has a great reputation of being one of the best diving sites in the Maldives. This reputation comes from the marine life occurring in that reef. The reef includes an innumerable number of colorful fishes with different sizes, in addition to its drift.

4- HP Reef:

Another important destination in Maldives is the HP reef, which is also one of the most important diving locations. You will enjoy exploring the colorful fishes underwater and the coral reef formations as well.

5- Hukuru Miskiiy:

Hukuru Miskiiy is one of the oldest mosques on the Island, and it is also known as the Old Friday Mosque.

The mosque stone walls include different craving with different kinds of patterns, in addition to the remarkable Arabic scripts.

People who want to discover the Islamic culture that the Maldivians follow, then this spot would be great for them.

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6- Veligandu Island Beach:

Veligandu is a small Island located in the North Ari Atoll. The Island is famous with its lagoons that provide an opportunity for enjoying diving and snorkeling.

The Island is surrounded by a magnificent greenery with the water surrounds, which of course provides you a relaxing and romantic view.

Moreover, the Island serves you delicious seafood because of being so close to a fishing village.

So, if you are seeking a destination that offers you a fresh romantic view, with an opportunity for having water sports and having fresh seafood, then you should travel to Veligandu Island.

If your next travelling destination is Maldives, then you will surely enjoy the incredible nature and beauty of this place.