7 Strangest Places On Earth You Won’t Believe Exist

The Strangest Places in the World

The earth is so big and of course there are some places on it that seem to be strange.

So, here are some the strangest places on the earth that you may know nothing about them.


1- The Tianzi Mountains:

The Tianzi Mountains exist in China at the northwest of Hunan Province. These mountains are of amazing limestone peaks that are covered in rich greenery, in addition to being covered in fog.

2- The Giant’s Causeway:

The story of the Giant’s causeway returns back to six million years ago, where there was a huge volcanic eruption that has swept out with a huge amount of molten basalt.

After while this molten basalt cooled and so solidified, forming the cracks that you can see today.

There is an estimation that the number of polygon columns reached about 37000 column, which is perfectly compatible with the local legend that they were created by a giant.


3- Split Apple Rock:

The split apple rock is located in New Zealand on the northern coast of the south island in the Tasman Bay.

The rock is made of granite and looks like an apple that cut into two parts or split into two parts.

Many tourists get take out a boat in order to have a closer look at it.

4- The Great Blue Hole:

At the coast of Belize occurs the great blue hole, which astonishes 407 feet deep while about 984 feet in diameter.

The scientists believe that the hole was formed during the glacial periods, where the water levels were lower at that time significantly.

5- The Door to Hell:

In Derweze, Turkmenistan, occurs the door to hell, which is a naturally occurring gas field, however, the fire burning there is not natural.

The story goes back to forty years when the Soviet engineers were working in this area in order to extract gas, but a collapse for the ground under the rig happened.

In a fear of emission of poisonous gases from the hole, the engineers decided to lit the cavern on fire in a hope that the gas would burn out, however, this doesn’t happen for forty years later.

6- Ship rock:

In New Mexico occurs the ship rock, which is located exactly on the Navajo Nation in San Juan country.

The highest point of the rock measures about 7,177 feet. The scientists informed that the rock was made from volcanic breccia and Minette; in addition to that, they dated the formation of the rock to about twenty-seven million years ago.

7- Lake Hillier:

This lake occurs on the largest islands of the Western Australia, which is Recherche Archipelago, and it was discovered in 1802.

The lake color is deep pink and the scientists believe that this may due to the high salinity, in addition to the existence of pink bacteria known halobacteria, moreover, this may be related also to the existence of a salt-loving species which is known as Dunaliella salina.

Lake Hillier is really a strange and wonderful colorful place.