7 strangest jobs you will be surprised to know exist

7 strangest jobs you will be surprised to know exist


In this world, there are many jobs rather than being a doctor, teacher or an engineer, actually, there are many jobs that many people know nothing about them.

If you are curious to know some of the strangest jobs in the world, here are some of them.

1- Professional sleeper:

One of the strangest jobs is the job of a professional sleeper, in which the American space agency NASA wanted to examine the impact of lying for 70 days.

The Agency paid the volunteers about $ 18000 to do nothing.

It seems that NASA is not the only one advertising for such strange job, in Finland a hotel made an advertisement asking for a professional sleeper.

This job is a good job for persons who want to do nothing at all, just sleep.

2- Pet food tester:

Yes, it is true; there are people that really taste pet food on daily basis.

Actually, the main aim of this job is to improve the texture, taste, in addition to the nutritional value of the food introduced to the pets.

This Job is also known as Food Technologist.

3- Snake Milker:

The snake venom in some countries has a big demand, and the importance of the snake venom is because of its importance in producing anti-venom.

Usually, the best milkers like to capture the snakes by their hands in order to minimize the stress.

4- Breath Odor Evaluator:

Do you imagine that some people earn money from sticking their nose to others people’s mouth.

Large corporations offer this job, and they offer the breath odor evaluator a parking space and a retirement plan.

5- Oshiya:

This job simply is a person who is paid for pushing people onto the train.

The first time this job was introduced in Shinjuku Station, and the people who do this job were called passenger arrangement staff.

The term Oshiya is derived from the verb Osu and the suffix Ya, where Osu means to push, whereas Ya indicates the line of work.

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6- Fake Mourners:

In some countries, people are paid per hour to cry at funerals.

The idea of fake mourners is popular in China, Britain, and even in the Middle East.

6- Legal Bank Robber:

Legal bank robber or also known as penetration tester is a job introduced by banks.

The main role of this job is to test the level of security in the bank. In old days, the job included breaking into the bank directly, however, nowadays the way the job is done has extended to include phoning the operators and trying to get customer details and tricking the phone operators to get information as much as they can, and also another way is used which is hacking computers.

7- Watch paint dry job:

This job is simply made to study the drying time of the paints, in addition to studying the paints effects.

The job of watch paint dry is offered on full-time basis for painting manufacturers.

So, I think now after reading about these strange jobs, you may change your mind about applying for traditional known jobs like teaching, engineering..etc., as you may apply for one of these strange jobs if you like one.