7 strangest animals you’ve never heard of

The Strangest Animals in the World


There is no doubt that no one of us can recognize all the animal species on the earth, even the scientists themselves admitted that the modern science cannot grasp all existing animals, and every year they discover new species.

The following lines will take you on a tour to introduce you some of the strangest animals in the world.

1- Dumbo Octopus:

Dumbo Octopus is a commonly used term, which is used to refer to about 18 different species of Octopus under the genus Grimpoteuthis.

Actually, the name of Dumbo came from the shape of the ears of these octopuses, which looks like Disney’s Dumbo.

2- Pink Fairy Armadillo:

Pink Fairy Armadillo is the smallest species of armadillo and its length is nearly about 10 centimeters on average.

These animals are found in Argentina, they like to dig holes in sandy plains and in dry grasslands too. They live under the ground; however, they come to the surface at night in order to search for their food, which mostly and commonly consist of ants.

3- Sunfish:

Sunfish, which is known also as mola mola is a huge bony fish and its weight may reach 2,250 kilograms, while its length may reach around 4 meters long.

The sunfish exists in both temperature and tropical oceans, and they usually feed on jellyfish and small fish.

This type of fish is famous with their back fin, as it doesn’t grow and it folds into itself.

4- Proboscis Monkey:

Proboscis Monkeys usually live in jungles and mangroves and they feed on unripe fruits.

Unfortunately, this type of monkeys are list as endangered species, and this may be due to deforestation and poaching.

The males of these monkeys use their large noses to fawn their mates; in addition, scientists believe that they may use them also to amplify calls between them.

5- Tufted Deer:

Tufted deer is a small species of deer and they live in the high altitude of the forests of China and the forests of Burma.

Actually, their name comes from the prominent tuft of hair that they have on their heads.

The tufted deer looks like vampires, and they have long fangs upper their canines.

They are territorial animals, and usually the males use their sharp canines in order to fight over mates as well as territory.

6- Fossa:

Although Fossa looks like the cat, but actually it is closely related to the mongoose.

Fossa lives at Madagascar, and they are one of the largest carnivores on the island.

The bad news is that these animals are endangered, because of the threat of deforestation faced by its habitat.

7- Spiny ORB Weaver Spider:

There are many species of the spiny ORB weaver spiders, and all them belong to the genus Gastercantha.

One these species is the G. cancriformis, which lives in some parts of Central America, US and the Caribbean.

Their length is about 2-9 mm, and they have a variety of colors, and have colored legs, moreover, they have many shapes.

Really, it’s a big world, and every day the scientists find out new animals to introduce them for us.