4 Tips You Must know Before Travelling Abroad

4 Tips You Must know Before Travelling Abroad

Here are five top tips to help your vacation flow more easily. I have been lucky in my life to travel at many far off destinations. It could be that this is your first foreign journey, and you want it to go smoothly. Therefore, you do not want lost any time once you get there. Here are my five top tips to help you enjoying your vacation.

1-Money: make sure you have some money and several travellers cheques , you may also need space on your credit card if you are not taking all of your spending money. You must not take a high value of currency though – in most nations you can cash in travellers anywhere for the local coins. As traveller’s cheques are insured, if you misled them, or if it was stolen from you get some if not all of your currency back. Cash however is not! Lose it and its gone for good!


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2- Research: Do your research before you go to your destination. You know yourself and your people and you know what you would like to do on your vacation – buy the guidebooks, or make researches on the internet. You do not need an exact itinerary of your journey, but you can take ideas of what you would like to do or see during your journey! You may like to schedule a day of activities followed by a day of rest on the shore , but if you have a difficult idea before you go to your destination , then it keeps you spending the first day or so of your expensive vacation , choosing what to do and where to go . It’s fun to sit with your family and have the discussion about what you would all decide to do, because everybody is different and has different ideas it makes life easier to have any debates or heated discussions before travelling.


3- Language: If there is likely to be a language barrier then also by a phrase book. If you can order meals, drinks and understand menus and signs, it will be better – this will serve two issues, getting you respect from local people and allowing you to take a foreign vacation confident that you will not be ripped off because you cannot realize what people are saying.

 4- kids: if you travelling with kids then make sure – see:Top 7 Tips For Traveling With kids

, you have something to keep them busy. You do not need something just for the plane, but also for the nights when you are at base. Kids are easily bored, and foreign TV (especially if in a non-English-speaking country) is not fun for kids as the only English shows they have are news channels. You will need some toys (electronic toys are the best – batteries are universal and electronic chargers can be used via adaptors you buy before you go away).


Follow these 4 tips and you will be assured of a safe and happy vacation.